Tru ValU is an investigation of beauty and the 216 web safe color palette. The site responds to visitor selection by displaying color relationships based on mathematical determinates.

I am thinking about containment and control... the systems and codification of beauty, and how these are sanctioned and internalized in larger social constructs.

I am thinking about centralities, the randomness of designations, and the reduction of our global palette to 216 'safe' elements.

I am thinking about the need/desire/propensity and willingness to count, and the values we place on numbers however arbitrary their assignments/connections to things meaningful in our lives.

I am thinking about the expansion of simple mathematical concepts into metaphors both hidden and inherent in information technologies and the implications thereof.

I am thinking about individuality, plurality and the singularity of the moment.

I am thinking about what is important, what is not, and how we determine what is meaningful, valuable and relevant in our lives.